Grow Your Instagram Followers, with One simple strategy!

Do you own a restaurant, bar, brick & mortar store, are you located at the mall or shopping center?

We live in this post pandemic world and a lot has changed.

There are protocols that are set-up that never existed before.

Did your business lose revenue due to the changes?

What I'm about to reveal to you is something that will set you apart from any other business.

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But first let me tell you my story.

My name is Jeremy Perez, I came to the US 17 years ago with $200 in my pocket.

Starting a new life in the land of the free, coming from the Philippines with a dream of making it big.

I knew I was taking a risk coming to America with a tourist visa and a plan on over staying my welcome.

I know this can be a sensitive topic in our world today but this is my story and this is who I am, I cannot deny myself of my past but I have to tell you my truth and who I am and how I became this individual telling you my story.

Unfortunately because I was not a legal resident of the US, I was detained by ICE for overstaying my visa, I was detained and had removal proceedings.

Here is where my life begins I'm a single guy in a foreign land, I had no job, no money, no prospects.

But I had a dream of living in the United States of America.

Dreams were instilled in us by my Mother, she always talked about dreams and how we should have one and never give up on it.

Most of us are pragmatic and sometimes trying to hold on to dreams is not an easy task.

I started to remember the messages of my Mother about dreaming and faith, and slowly apply it to my life.

Here I was going to court every six months and after two years still not having a prospect to marry, I was headed to my last court date.

This was the day that the judge will give her decision and without any legal remedy, her only recourse was to deport me back to my home country.

So I came to court that day, only with my faith that I was going to stay. I did not waver on my faith I just believed that this was not the end for me.

As the judge was about to give her judgement, for some reason they were having some technical difficulties with the cassette tape that they use to record the judgement on, it just didn’t want to cooperate!

So the judge was forced to reschedule my court date another six months and let me extend my stay.

After this event, I met my now wife and we are still happily married to this day.

Why do I tell this story? Most of the time the most important events that come into our lives are spiritual and we cannot explain.

All I know is you are still reading my story and you are an entrepreneur, there are events in your life that have no logical explanation, or miraculous experience.

You follow your gut and succeed in your business, because something out of the extra ordinary is working behind the scenes and cannot be explained.

Now we live in this world where destiny is uncertain, The Covid 19 Pandemic has stopped us on our tracks.

We live in this world where new norms are created, Social Distancing, and Quarantine, Curbside delivery, are words we use on a daily basis which we never had used before.

Times have changed drastically and there are so much uncertainties in our world right now.

Last year has been chaotic and as business owners we had to pivot, pivot and pivot to new restrictions, new protocols, new everything.

Just like my story, even it might seem like the sky is falling, if we have trust and faith in something much more powerful in us, everything will be ok.

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After a year of this Pandemic crisis, I came up with a solution to most businesses that still had real stores serving customers, I had to answer these questions.

How do I attract more customers?

How do I keep my customers safe and healthy?

How do I creatively serve my customers?

How to keep my customers engaged with my services and products?

How can I take my walk-in customers online and keep their attention going?

How can efficiently run a business in this new environment?

That's when the "Instagram Strategy" was created.

To grow your Instagram followers, we follow this one simple strategy.

First you need to provide excellent service for all your customers to want to join your Instagram.

All you need is a call to action at the end of the store experience, on their way out of your store or restaurant.

A call to action is requested, for example if you are a restaurant ¨Get a FREE entree when you join our Instagram¨.

Then your customer scans the QR code of your Instagram account to follow.

Then on your Instagram profile is a button to enter their email address to receive the FREE offer!

All these steps will only happen when you get the attention of your customer, that is where our 3D hologram display will do its part.

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"Ultimate All In One Kiosk"

You will get the following:

"Ultimate All In One Kiosk" ($3500 value)

Production cost of the 3D graphic animation ($1000 value)

Acrylic protective cover ($400 value)

QR code generation ($50 value)

Total value of $5450

Just $1499 today!

90 day money back guarantee!

If this doesn't work as advertised we give you 90 days to return the "Ultimate All In One Kiosk" no questions asked.

P.S. Order now to get your animation done earlier, we cannot promise expedited shipping on last minute orders.



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